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USA Modern Cities Vol.1 MSFS

USA Modern Cities Vol.1 MSFS

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A redesign of the city area has been conducted to accurately reflect the geographical positioning of objects. We optimize the built-in photogrammetry of the MSFS in the city area, rectifying textures, structures, bridges, and shores while reintroducing many omitted buildings and features. The primary aim of this scenery is to exhibit the photogrammetry of MSFS's USA at its finest, augmented with additional feature buildings to further enrich the simulation experience. This volume encompasses four major cities in the United States: Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Miami.

1. Over 60 meticulously crafted building models in each city.
2. Replacement of default damaged bridges with meticulously crafted bridges throughout the cities.
3. Stunning night effects for a more realistic experience.
4. Numerous building rooftops serve as landable helipads.
5. Compatibility with other developer airport add-ons to enhance functionality.
6. Usable with the photogrammetry feature turned off for increased flexibility.
7. Includes the Boston Harbor Seaplane Base (BNH) for additional options and exploration.

To be compatible with other Miami airport addons, please use MSFS scenery layer index tool to adjust this scenery layer to the bottom

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