Troubleshooting with scenery

This page is all the troubleshooting with our scenery in which you find problems:

Q: Why I cannot see the autogen after installed the scenery?
1.Make sure the base pack bgl files are copied into e.g: Seoul City Wow\scenery folder and not in other places
2. Make sure when run the installer, you choose to install into your MAIN FSX or P3D directory
3. Sometimes the autogen buildings are indeed less than the default scenery to give more frame rate
Q: Why the buildings are into water and the whole city sinks in the sea ?
A: Please make sure you have also installed our base pack scenery. Especially simmarket buyers need to download it in our download page
Q: Why I see some black texture buildings all over around ?
A: Make sure when run the installer, you choose to install into your MAIN FSX or P3D directory
Q: Why I cannot see the most amount of autogen buildings even though I have set extremely dense ?
A: In your prepar3d.cfg which is located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4, edit this line: AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=2 to AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=1

Q: I have run the setup to install the file, then I go to FSX or P3D but still it is the default scenery.
A: Sometimes it fails to activate the scenery itself, you need to do manually, go to FSX or P3D menu>scenery library>add>choose the installed folder (e.g: D:\Prepar3Dv4\Tokyo City Wow v2) then click ok to activate.

Q: I see the ground texture is bleeding through around, some at the airport some in the water.
A: Please set the texture resolution to 1m in order to solve the problem in the time being
Q: When I run the installer, at the end it says error and cannot install successfully
A: Try to turn off your antivirus program or firewall, if it doesn't help, email us so that we will give you a manual installation file.