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Shanghai City Times V2 for MSFS

Shanghai City Times V2 for MSFS

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Shanghai is one of the four direct-administered municipalities of the People's Republic of China. This scenery covers the center area of Shanghai city.

Shanghai City Times 2 upgrade features
1. added more than 30 custom buildings
2. added more than 50 residential buildings
3. added animating billboards
4. added some ships and boats in the river
5. added night effects to the iconic buildings located in Pudong area
6. added many custom design of famous landmarks
7. improved the Pearl Tower night effects
8. improved the night effect of Bund area historical buildings
9. improved the quality of building textures
10. fixed overall mesh problem in the default MSFS

Scenery Features
1. over 250 custom iconic buildings and apartments
2. many famous museums, buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks in Shanghai city center area
3. beautiful and detailed bund area with old style buildings
4. few bridges across the river
5. buildings with PBR material
6. beautiful night effect
7. animated billboards effect
8. fixed MSFS default Pearl tower size and added night effect
9. free update in the future

System Requirement
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Microsoft Windows 10
Processor with 2Ghz Dual/Quad core 16GB RAM Video Card 8Gb or higher 1.0 GB available on your hard disk

File size: 1 Gb unzipped

上海是中国其中之一个直辖市. 这个地景包括一大片上海面积, 由东边的浦东机场横跨到西边的虹桥机

上海市年华之魔都之城 2 升级功能:
1. 增加了30多个自定义建筑
2. 新增50多栋住宅楼
3. 添加动画广告牌
4. 改进了东方明珠夜间效果
5. 为浦东地区标志性建筑增加夜景效果
6. 改善外滩地区历史建筑的夜景效果
7. 修复了默认MSFS 中的整体地形问题
8. 在河里增加了一些船和小船
9. 提高了建筑纹理的质量
10. 增加了许多著名地标的定制设计

2. 市中心包括很多著名建筑: 博物馆, 市政大楼, 房屋, 酒店, 饭店, 银行, 地标等
3. 漂亮的外滩地景
4. 黄浦江上的大桥
5. 物都有PBR反射材質
6. 漂亮的夜景
7. 修补了MSFS预设的東方明珠塔比例, 以及增加了夜景
8. 未来可免费升级

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Processor with 2Ghz Dual/Quad core 16GB RAM, 显示卡 8Gb 和高于 1.0 GB 硬碟容量

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