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North Korea Pyongyang ZKPY for MSFS

North Korea Pyongyang ZKPY for MSFS

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Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea. This scenery includes the detail city with a simple airport design.
Sunan International Airport is the main operating airport in Pyongyang.
It has few destinations which are: Beijing, Chongqing, Macau, Samjiyon, Shenyang, Sunuiju, Vladivostok, Wonsan; where SamScene3D has already created Chongqing and Macau Airports for MSFS.

Scenery Features
1. over 100 custom iconic buildings
2. many famous museums, buildings, malls, hotels, banks, towers, plaza, memorial, stadium, statues, university, hospital, landmarks etc in Pyongyang city center.
3. beautiful night effects
4. bridges and ship
5. simple design of Sunan International Airport terminal and jetways.
6. Airport with interior design

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