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Japan Kobe Kyoto City for MSFS

Japan Kobe Kyoto City for MSFS

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A re-design of the city area according to the geographical position of objects. We bring out the best of MSFS in building around the city area, by fixing textures, structures, bridges, and shores and adding back many missing buildings and features. The main objective of this scenery is to show Japan Kyoto and Kobe city at its best, with the addition of feature buildings to further enhance the simulation experience.

Installation of Japan World Update is necessary ! 

1. over 300 handcrafted iconic building models in Kyoto and Kobe city center
2. some custom handcrafted bridge models
3. detailed Kobe harbor and landmarks
4. beautiful night effects
5. many building rooftops are landable helipads
6. compatible with other developer airport addons
7. handcrafted model of Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple
8. handcrafted model of Kyoto Kinkaku-ji Temple
9. handcrafted model of other Kyoto iconic temples
10. frame rate friendly

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