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Japan Fukuoka Wow for MSFS

Japan Fukuoka Wow for MSFS

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Fukuoka is the largest city of Japan Kyushu island, situated on the northern shore of Kyushu. This scenery focuses on Fukuoka airport (RJFF), which is an urban airport connected to the subway from the city center Hakata. This scenery also includes the city center and famous landmarks, so plane can get the scenic city view while approaching or taking off.

It is suggested to free DOWNLOAD the Fukuoka 3D map to use with this scenery. DOWNLOAD

Scenery Features
1. detailed RJFF airport
2. realistic airport surrounding
3. over 500 custom japanese style buildings and apartments around the city
4. city full of buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks.
5. beautiful night effects.
6. including Fukuoka towers, bridges, highways, shopping malls, etc

File size: 540Mb unzipped

System Requirement
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Processor with 2Ghz Dual/Quad core 16GB RAM Video Card 8Gb or higher 1.0 GB available on your hard disk. Display card of GTX1080 or above is recommended.

福岡は、九州の北岸に位置する日本最大の九州島の都市です。 このシーナリーは、博多市内中心部から地下鉄に接続された都市空港である福岡空港(RJFF)に焦点を当てています。 このシーナリーには、市内中心部や有名なランドマークも含まれているため、飛行機は近づいたり離陸したりしながら、美しい街の景色を眺めることができます。

1. RJFF空港の詳細

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