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Iceland VR media

Iceland VR media

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It is a VR180 3D media for use with VR headset such as oculus cv1, oculus go, HTC vive, etc.

VR180 3D media means 180 degree of VR photos and videos in stereo mode. All the photos and videos were taken in Iceland. There are over 90 VR photos and 9 VR videos in 4K quality.

1. 3D VR photos and videos in 4K quality
2. VR in 180 degrees
3. a three minute clip was taken in an aircraft while landing to Akureyri airport
4. over 90 VR photos taken in south and north of Iceland: Reykjavik, Vik, Akureyri, etc
5. all media in stereo 3D !

Simply side load all of them into your oculus go and use oculus gallery to view them. If you use oculus cv1 or HTC vive, just download them into your PC and use software like gopro vr player to watch them, remember it is side to side media.

Pictures are in jpg format, videos are in mp4 format.

After payment you can download all the media. The whole package is 4.3Gb


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