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Gibraltar Scenic Life for MSFS

Gibraltar Scenic Life for MSFS

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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and city located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered to the north by Spain. Many visitors to Gibraltar cross the international airport's runway to get in to the city.
This scenery package not only enhances the urban landscape construction, but also added the vitality in all aspects, to make Gibraltar full of life. In this scenery there is a function when you are going to take off or landing, the animated people and traffic will stop running across the runway.

It uses strobe light switch to control the car traffic on runway, this GA version works with general aircrafts. This is GA version which works with many general aviation aircrafts, except boeing. Airbus version please purchase in MSFS Marketplace

Scenery Features
1.added over 500 Gibraltar style apartments, houses and buildings
2.many landmarks such as the lighthouse, fortress, dockyard, stadiums, stations, the customborder, the bay square, queenstown square, ocean village, world trade center, etc
3.the buildings around the airport are reworked
4.beautiful night effect
5.detail model of Sunborn cruise parking in the center
6.animated cable cars
7.animated car traffic and people acrossing the runway when not in use
8.animated people inside the airport terminal
9.animated soccers playing on football fields
10.many boats and ferries parking in harbors
11.enhanced the visual look of the cliff located in the south area of Gibraltar
12.detailed design of Abdulaziz Al-Saud Mosque Instructions

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