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Hong Kong City Times for MSFS

Hong Kong City Times for MSFS

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The Hong Kong City Times scenery shows the real environment of Hong Kong today. It shows the side of Hong Kong in the new era, therefore the old Kai Tak Airport is not included, instead it includes the modern new area of Kai Tak nowadays.

Version difference
MSFS Marketplace version doesn't include the bonus VHHH, and the Kai Tak cruise terminal cannot be removed as it best represents Hong Kong nowadays.

Samscene store and Simmarket includes the option to install the VHHH airport, there is an option to install the Kai Tak cruise terminal, read instruction.pdf for more information.


Scenery Features
1. over 300 custom iconic buildings and apartments
2. many famous museums, buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks in Hong Kong island and Kowloon area
3. beautiful and detailed Victoria harbour area
4. Hong Kong major bridges
5. all buildings with PBR material
6. beautiful night effects
7. animated Hong Kong star ferry acrossing the sea
8. Hong Kong styled buildings and apartments in New Territory such as Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Sha Tin and Tai Po, etc...
9. many major landmarks included but not in the screenshots, find them yourself and be stunning !
10. if you cannot find your favorite landmarks please don't worry, it is keep updating and will be free !
11. It is compatible with Kai Tak airport.
12. BONUS: a very simple design of VHHH is included and it is an option to install !

File size: 754Mb


1. 300多個自定義標誌性建築物和公寓
2. 香港島和九龍地區的許多著名博物館,建築物,公寓,酒店,銀行,地標
3. 美麗而詳細的維多利亞港區
4. 香港主要橋樑
5. 所有使用PBR材料的建築物
6. 美麗的夜晚效果
7. 會動的香港天星渡輪
8. 新界區的港式建築物和公寓,例如屯門,元朗,沙田和大埔,將來會增加
9. 截圖中未包含所有的地標,您自己即可找到它們並感到驚訝!
10. 如果您找不到自己喜歡的地標,請不要擔心,它會不斷更新並且將免費升級!
11.  兼容其他啟德機場插件
12. 額外禮物:VHHH的設計非常簡單,可以選擇安裝!

 檔案大小: 754Mb


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