Singapore scenery base pack

Singapore base pack scenery is released for freeware, it covers the whole Singapore country area satellite images, as well as autogen buildings and vegetations. 

Singapore City Wow buyers please download and install this base pack in order to use.

DOWNLOAD from One Drive

DOWNLOAD from Mega Cloud

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

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  • Roberto on

    Dear team,

    I just bought the Singapore City WOW for P3Dv4.

    Now, I’m trying to download the scenery base pack. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. When I click on the link (DOWNLOAD HERE), a new screen appears with “Aucun aperçu disponible. Télécharger”. I click on “télécharger” (= download in english) and a new screen appears with “Google Drive ne peut pas effectuer l’analyse antivirus de ce fichier. SamScene Singapore base pack.exe (1,8G) dépasse la taille maximale que Google peut analyser. Voulez-vous vraiment télécharger ce fichier ?
    Télécharger quand même”.
    Even if I click on “télécharger quand-même”, nothing appends (no download starts).

    Could you help me with this issue?

    Best regards,


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